You will invariably find a craftsman in his studio, as the peace and quiet are vital for his concentration. The makers are only too happy to receive you in their studios. All of them create or repair items tailored to your needs.

Marcel Vlamynck knows all there is to know about glass! He is an expert in Australian, Czech and Italian glass blowing techniques as well as fusion and glass casting.

  Peraltastraat 53, 8000 Brugge | 0477 45 16 59 
Annemie De Vadder
Annemie designs and makes modern stained glass windows from mouth-blown glass. She combines contemporary and graphic linear patterns with traditional techniques, such as yellow-staining with silver and other staining techniques.
Pierlapont 104, 8210 Loppem | 050 20 83 88
Arrenbie Guitars
Versatile builder who covers the full spectrum of the steelstring guitar, but also builds mandolins, ukuleles and Weissenborn instruments.

  't Leitje 33, 8310 Assebroek | 0486 40 40 55

Customised boxes, hand-bound books for special occasions … and this in all sorts of materials.

  Hendrik Consciencestraat 7, 8020 Oostkamp | 0475 83 78 28

Birgit Verplancke
Birgit Verplancke has a Masters in Conservation and Restoration, which she puts to good use in her work restoring stained glass windows. Thanks to her university training, she takes a thorough, scientific approach to her work. She also creates new windows, taking inspiration from rounded shapes and flowing lines. 
Gerard Davidstraat 35, 8000 Brugge | 0474 38 51 00
Blue Ocean Seafood
This business was established in 1885 as a sprat and herring smokehouse in ’t Gotje in the Bruges district of Sint Anna. Since moving out of the city centre in 1978, smoked salmon and halibut are also being produced. To this day the fish is still smoked on beech wood and cut by hand. Their excellent halibut and herring were given recognition as "Regional Products".         
Kolvestraat 36, 8000 Sint-Pieters | 050 31 46 46 
Brody Neuenschwander
World-renowned calligrapher and text artist with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, fashion designer Dries van Noten, the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the BBC and director Peter Greenaway among his clients.

  Spinolarei 2, 8000 Brugge | 050 34 21 89 
Bryggja Brewery
Franky Van Brabandt brews beer on a small scale, using traditional methods. Bryggia uses only Belgian hops and works with natural methods wherever possible, creating a selection of beers ranging from a light, summery beer to a highly-flavoured ‘tripel’ beer.
Moerkerkebrug 3, 8340 Moerkerke | 050 37 50 96 & 0479 22 01 13
Cadavre Exquis Couture
Maya Langouche’s shop is the place to go for beautiful and imaginative costumes and corsetry. This young designer creates both historically inspired and fantastical pieces. From the designing and the drawing of the patterns, the sewing and the styling to the make-up and hand-made wigs, Maya is involved in the whole process!

  Predikherenstraat 37, 8000 Brugge | 050 48 06 00
Carl Delaey - Gastronaut
A cook-in-your-home chef with an eye for sustainability and fresh, local products of the finest quality. Straight from the field onto your plate!

  Kanunnik Duclosstraat 8, 8000 Brugge | 0475 67 50 13
Dominique Dufait
Timeless handbags and accessories made from vegetable tanned saddle leather and hand-sewn using the saddler’s stitch.

  Damse Vaart-Zuid 79, Sint-Kruis | 050 35 10 77

Embroidery Belle
Gold and pearl embroidery, ribbon embroidery, Luneville embroidery, 3D embroidery, Soutache embroidery, Ajour embroidery…you name it, Isabelle De Groote has mastered it. She shares her broad knowledge in the courses she offers as well as creating hand-made jewellery from textiles and leather and customised embroidery. 

  Jan Van Hulststraat 2, 8000 Brugge | 0494 83 90 55
Herbert Monsieur
Three dimensional sculptures in stained glass.

  Daverlostraat 134, 8310 Assebroek | 0478 90 48 30

Hertog Jan
Joachim Boudens en Gert De Mangeleer bedrijven in hun restaurant de kunst van de eenvoud. Ze creëren voor hun gasten een unieke gastronomische totaalbeleving met respect voor product, medewerkers en duurzaamheid. Would you like to visit for lunch or dinner? Hurry then, because the doors will close for the last time in December 2018!
Loppemsestraat 52, 8210 Zedelgem | 050 67 34 46
  Tue to Sat: noon to 1.30pm & 7pm to 21pm | Wed: closed

Ilse Acke
Ilse uses graphic patterns, fabrics and colours to create unique scarves, cushions and tapestries.

  N. Fonteynestraat 17, 8730 Oedelem | 0468 22 34 44 
Inge De Zutter
Inge De Zutter takes much of her inspiration from lace. She is a lecturer in lace and textiles at the Bruges Academy (DKO), where she passes on her knowledge of lace-making to a new generation. She is also busy with her own creations, incorporating lace into the arts of textiles, ceramics and porcelain.
Blekerijstraat 75, 8310 Assebroek | 0483 40 50 21
Job Verpoorte designs and builds hand-made wooden surf boards. The surfer, the waves, the environment and durabilty are all key considerations in the creation of these personalised boards. Thanks to their innovative, solid construction, the boards are especially strong and light.
Walplein 42, 8000 Brugge | 0470 19 37 12
Jeffrey Vanhille
Furniture upholsterer with a passion for all things vintage.
Ezelstraat 23, 8000 Brugge | 0499 70 99 59
Katrien Perquy
Katrien skilfully combines different textile techniques, such as felting, bobbin lace-making, weaving and embroidery. But she also incorporates eco-painting and printing into her visual and applied works. If you want to learn the techniques for yourself, you can follow one of her workshops.
Tien Geboden 15, 8200 Sint-Andries | 050 28 03 93 

Kristoffel Boudens
A ‘mature’ lettercutter, but still very much alive and kicking! You can find his work, amongst other locations, on the side wall of Restaurant De Florentijnen (corner Vlamingstraat).
Werfstraat 90, 8000 Brugge | 0496 54 76 55
Mien Kaba
Dominique Vieren produces custom-made leather items. She creates quirky hand-made leather handbags and likes to experiment with unusual types of leather such as fish leather.
Gistelse Steenweg 417, 8200 Sint-Andries | 0496 95 80 85
Jan Misseeuw & Bieke Moeyaert combine their considerable talent. Graphic designer Bieke designs the furniture which is then built by Jan with the utmost respect for the natural materials he uses. Opsmuk offers custom-made furniture as well as lighting and small ornaments.
Hoge Hul 45, 8000 Brugge | 0478 36 39 99
Oud Huis Deman
The oldest traditional biscuit bakery in the heart of Bruges! Founded in 1880, or five generations of women working with the same secret recipes for crackers of Bruges and ‘Lace biscuits’ (almond snaps).
Vulderstraat 42, 8000 Brugge | 050 33 86 88 
Pia Burrick Glaskunst
Contemporary glass art. Design and making of stained glass to harmonize with every interior.
Fort  Zevenbergen 8, 8200 Sint-Andries | 050 39 40 99 
Designer and maker duo of contemporary furniture and stage designs in wood and metal.
Snellegemsestraat 69A, 8210 Zedelgem | 0496 29 39 53
Terre du Nord
Nathalie Verdonck and Kris Devoldere are a creative pair. They both had a change of career, opening their workshop, TERRE DU NORD, to showcase their creations. They work with clay and porcelain, creating crockery, dishes, pots and more.
Kardinaal Cardijnstraat 14, 8200 Sint-Andries | 0495 51 94 70
Toope Hoeden
Exclusive headwear, from stylish hair attachments to extravagant festive and bridal models. All made with passion and skill in their own workshop.
Hoefijzerlaan 70, 8000 Brugge | 0478 27 26 61
Vanden Broele Handmade & Atelier Jacques
Cities and towns have been coming to Vanden Broele since 1957 for their quality leather wedding books with foil stamping. The business also binds books and registers, as well as making leather accessories and business gifts. Atelier Jacques is the latest spin-off, a new business which upcycles left-over leather and paper into cool designer products.
Lieven Bauwensstraat 33, 8200 Sint-Andries | 050 45 61 77 
Veerle Praet Couture
Welcome to the magical world of Veerle Praet, where every bridal gown, bridesmaid dress, city dress and children’s dress is a pièce unique. Boutique where girls’ dreams really come true!
Wijnzakstraat 6, 8000 Brugge | 050 34 13 88
Yves Leterme
A calligrapher whose work is characterized by refinement, professionalism and boldness. Unique pieces on commission, free work, but also lectures and workshops.
Praterstraat 4, 8310 Sint-Kruis | 0475 32 51 58
Yves Obyn
Artist and designer Yves Obyn creates limited edition interior objects, in-situ artistic installations and film and theatre sets. Yves takes his inspiration from popular culture and clearly has an eye for creativity.
Peraltastraat 3, 8000 Brugge | 0478 15 82 20