Handmade in Brugge – City of Inspiring Makers

Bruges is a city of makers, people who shape the world around us every day with their passion and drive ... the traditional way but also very contemporary at the same time. Even though Bruges is often associated with the virtuosity and mastery of craftsmen of the past, today, too, this city is home to many professionals, designers and craft businesses alike. Bruges has built itself a strong reputation in the field of gastronomy, calligraphy and letter sculpture, textiles and restoration.
Handmade in Brugge puts the Bruges-based makers on the map, both literally and figuratively speaking. Sample their traditional craftsmanship and be surprised by the mix of established names and new kids on the block, ancient and modern techniques!

Curious about the today’s makers of Bruges? On the look-out for handmade products with a story?

This map shows a selection of contemporary craftsmen, their shops, workshops and traces in the city. From restoration to design, from lace-making to 3D-printing, from bicycles to gracefully styled letters and culinary gems!
Handmade in Brugge awards makers who produce their wares by hand and locally the Handmade-in-Brugge label. Look out for this logo (which you will also find on their shop or workshop windows). Every year, new makers are awarded the label.

Would you like to know more about the city’s rich craft history and contemporary makers? The Handmade in Brugge app takes you through a surprising piece of Brugge! Download the Xplore Bruges app via Google play or the App store. The Handmade in Brugge tour is one of the walks on this app.

How future-proof are crafts? That is the central question of the publication A Future for Crafts.

If the dusty frock is set aside and crafts delve into current trends and challenges, then the chance of survival is rather high. Crafts are ideal for building bridges between the past and the future. The work place of the craftsman is the ideal nursery for innovation. In addition, crafts can offer answers to societal, economical and ecological challenges, that demand our attention today, and certainly tomorrow. Only an integrated approach – heritage, economy, education, design and tourism combining forces – can lead to a sustainable success. 

The publication seeks to be a guidebook and a source of inspiration. It presents tools and inspiring examples in praxis to place crafts more squarely on the map. Download your own digital copy of the book and discover its content

Handmade in Brugge is a multi-annual programme of tapis plein vzw in cooperation with the city of Bruges. The programme combines traditional design with creative economy and urban culture in a tourist town.


Handmade in Brugge  .  Academiestraat 14, 8000 Brugge  .  0479 07 91 84  .  info@handmadeinbrugge.be